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Work at a glance

  • Houdini procedures:

    • Map based city generator

      • Instance data output for use in Unity

      • Map converter

    • Amsterdam facade style building tool

      • Poly paint windows/doors/etc

      • Flexible floor patterns

  • Unity features:

    • Instanced meshes – custom Houdini data reader

    • Oculus rift support

Tools used

  • Houdini

  • Unity

  • Maya

Procedural Amsterdam

An internal “pet” project for Minivegas that I worked on for roughly 6 months. The aim was to recreate 17th century Amsterdam in a procedural manner, with the aim of having the procedure fill in gaps in data from a data base.

Sadly this project got put on hold for an undetermined amount of time, due to a shift in priorities which put me on other projects and pipeline development.

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